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Montana Bold Ink Marker 3mm

Montana Bold Ink Marker 3mm

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This Montana BOLD Marker 3mm Chisel comes in a sturdy built-to-last aluminum body with a nicely designed timeless BOLD branding. Equipped with a 3mm chisel tip, this BOLD marker is refillable and the 3mm felt tip is replaceable. The Montana BOLD Marker 3mm contains 20ml of a super deep and high covering black BOLD ULTRA INK, that is made of extremely low-viscosity, alcohol-based formula. Montana BOLD ULTRA INK is weather and UV resistant, making it a real “made to stay” formula. The luscious, semi gloss finish ULTRA INK, can be applied to almost any surfaces. The ink is delivered through the markers felt tip by a refillable, pump system valve, that works perfectly with extremely low-viscosity inks, offering exceptional flow, especially on non porous surfaces like metal, glass or plastics. Montana BOLD ULTRA INK is permanent and highly abrasion proof, resulting in extraordinary high coverage and super quick drying time. The Montana BOLD ULTRA INK is deep, rich Black color, great for Tagging and Street Marking. Prepare for impressive fresh drips, so remember to wear gloves when hitting the streets.

3mm Chisel Tip Size
Big is not always better. The Montana BOLD 3mm Chisel marker is the junior member of the Montana BOLD marker range. For the first time the 3mm Chisel marker also has all the kudos of the “classic not plastic”, heavy duty, aluminium body. This little guy can go to places that most other markers can’t. Making it not only hard to remove because of its content, but also due to the array of new possible placements your marks can enjoy that the buff can’t get to. The flow control pump action valve gives users the opportunity to release or decrease the amount of ink flowing throw the 3mm Chisel tip. The 3mm Chisel is filled with the much sort after alcohol based, optimized, deep black, ULTRA INK, certified with ASTM-D4236 Standard.

Other Montana BOLD products
The Montana BOLD Marker is also available as 15mm Standard, 10mm Chisel tip and 8mm Round Marker, with the BOLD ULTRA INK Refill 200ml as the perfect match to this series of Markers. Montana BOLD – a classic high quality Montana Marker containing highest quality Ink, all made in Germany.

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