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Soft Cap Grey/Blue

Soft Cap Grey/Blue

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Soft Cap grey/blue average paint width 4.5 cm. Excellent for fadings with High Pressure cans.

In graffiti art, street art and urban art, sometimes it's not about clean lines and sharp edges. When your layering multiple colors and a seamless gradient is important, then it may be time to reach for the Soft Cap GREY/BLUE. With its soft edges and subtle transition from covered to uncovered surface area, the Soft Cap GREY/BLUE is the quiet achiever in an otherwise linear driven art form. Excellent for the realisation of smooth fades and soft layers of color, the GREY/BLUE is often the soft touch studio artists are looking for. With an average spray width of 4.5cm and being just short of fat cap classification, DIY and arts & craft practitioners also benefit greatly when painting objects, or craft orientated projects. Fitting on all female cans like Montana GOLD, Montana BLACK and Montana WHITE, the Soft Cap GREY/BLUE has also earned its place as the cap of choice for fading with high pressure cans on large scale. For wider application spray further away from the substrate, for thinner apply at a closer distance to the substrate.

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