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Molotow Empty Dripstick Rollerball 3mm 830.251

Molotow Empty Dripstick Rollerball 3mm 830.251

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This dripstick's rear tank cap allows for easy and clean refilling, preventing your hands from getting dirty. With a gentle squeeze of the bottle body and the use of a special spring, you can effectively control the ink flow. A special feature of this product is its Rollerball applicator, perfect for painting on rough surfaces such as stone and concrete. The Empty (squeeze) bottle system of the Dripstick™ Rollerball is compatible with a wide range of paints and inks, both fluid and viscous, for creating drip effects and large-scale applications on various surfaces. The refillable spring through the rear tank cap can hold up to 30ml of liquid, while the 3mm Rollerball applicator can be easily replaced and is suitable for rough surfaces like concrete and stone. Proudly made in Germany.


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