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Molotow 860DS Coversall Dripstick

Molotow 860DS Coversall Dripstick

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The Molotow 860DS Dripstick is not your average squeeze marker. Thanks to its screw-on tank cap, it can be easily refilled and used over and over again. Plus, with the highly opaque Coversall ink, this marker is a must-have for both larger canvas areas and individual drips. Don't miss out on the versatility and convenience of the Coversall Dripstick, with special properties such as an alcohol base, synthetic bitumen glitter, high coverage, permanent and fast-drying ink, and a 10 mm high flow applicator. Perfect for indoor and outdoor applications, the refillable and interchangeable applicators make this a must-have tool in any artist's arsenal. Available in Coversall signal black and with a 70 ml capacity.

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