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Montana Black Glossy 400ML

Montana Black Glossy 400ML

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Introducing the latest development from the Montana BLACK range: Color 9090 Black Glossy. As an addition to our esteemed Montana BLACK 400ml product line, which boasts 187 matte finish colors, we're excited to unveil a new black tone that stands out with its glossy finish. This glossy black maintains the exceptional quality and features synonymous with the Montana BLACK series. The enhanced gloss level of Color 9090 Black Glossy significantly amplifies light reflection, giving outlines a more brilliant and three-dimensional effect compared to our matte hues. When paired with chrome effects, it achieves a nearly uniform gloss level in the finish, because the chrome usually reflects more light than a matte color. Additionally the glossy outlines stand out remarkably. Combining matte and glossy black can achieve intriguing tone-on-tone effects. Generally, the greater the difference in gloss levels of the same color shade, i.e., between Matte Black and Glossy Black, the more pronounced the contrast/effect.

Montana BLACK is renowned for its high-pressure Nitro-Combination formula, setting the benchmark in its category of Graffiti Spray paints. It offers a quick drying time, facilitating rapid reapplication and seamless blending with other colors. Manufactured to the highest standards of quality, this high covering aerosol paint is celebrated for its dependability and excellence. Ideal for graffiti and street art, Montana BLACK's high-pressure valve enables fast application, ensuring performance in all weather conditions and durability against the elements. With Color 9090 Black Glossy, artists now have the ability to incorporate a new dimension of gloss into their pieces and panels, without compromising on the quality and performance they've come to expect from Montana BLACK. Highest Quality made in Germany.

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