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Graffiti Avantgarde Moses & Taps Book

Graffiti Avantgarde Moses & Taps Book

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GRAFFITI AVANTGARDE™ provides a deep insight into MOSES & TAPS™'s broad work between 2011 and 2020 on 544 pages with over 2,000 photos in ten chapters and a variety of exciting and profound texts. The book shows how they managed the balancing act between trainbombing and his existence as an artist and it makes it clear why these two worlds do not have to be opposites.

The monograph begins with an interview by MOSES & TAPS™ by the criminologist Ike, which examines the question of what actually defines the graffiti avant-garde, who it is, what goals it has and what drives it.

The TOPSPRAYER™ chapter, in which MOSES & TAPS™ tells us about various

Intermediate stops on trains from Russia to the USA follow the SPLASH™ chapter, in which you learn in which places and non-places you can leave colorful traces as a writer

Spray cans can be left without having to use a fat cap and letters.

The scepter is then handed over to ALIAS™, whose supposedly 1001 moves in 999 days on 176 pages through his stories and the action photos by Edward Nightingale

be rounded off.

In SCRATCHITI™, MOSES™ shows why he paints panes of glass just to clean them, how he gets them from the yard to the museum and back again, and why he hates Mickey Mouse.

In the CORPORATE IDENTITY™ chapter, Robert Kaltenhäuser then deciphers how all chapters can be connected using MOSES & TAPS™ CI codes, why yellow-blue works better than Banksy and what's behind ™.

With IMAGE OF GRAFFITI™, TAPS™ makes it clear why graffiti must be illegal and how you can still create an image of it on canvas.

While the chapter CREATIVE DESTRUCTION™ deals with the complexity of

MOSES & TAPS™´ works that are presented in collage-like images and

Expressing installations, the CONCEPT VANDALISM section is dedicated to her unique conceptual works on trains - and sometimes the walls within them.

Finally, MOSES & TAPS™ explain and illustrate their very personal view of the development of their styles in two separate chapters.



ISBN 978-619-7267-04-4

German English

Hardcover with hot foil stamping on iridescent linen cover (blue thread on yellow fabric);

Portrait format, 24.7 × 28.5 cm; 4.5 cm thick;

544 pages.

Paper: four paper changes: 120g natural paper, 150g glossy paper, 150g matt paper (with UV spot varnish);

Total weight 3kg.

Printed and bound in Germany.

© 2020

Lyrics by MOSES & TAPS™

Guest authors:

Alias ​​the Boss, Edward Nightingale, Ike, Katharina Galladé, Larissa Kikol, Niels Shoe Meulman, Pietro Rivasi, Robert Kaltenhäuser and Tania di Britta.

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