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ACRYLIC Tip Set 10mm Applicator


The new Montana ACRYLIC refill APPLICATOR broadens your mark making possibilities making any 25ml refill bottle a marking implement.
The 10mm APPLICATOR is a rounded cloth tip that fits directly onto your 25ml Montana ACRYLIC refill bottle. Squeeze the bottle at different rates to regulate the output of paint and create unique application techniques. Pre-mix the colors you want or simply add color step by step at strategic intervals to create undulating tonal variations. For best results use on paper, glass, plastic or any smooth surfaces. 
Available in packs of three, the APPLICATOR also comes with three lids to enable prolonged use without the APPLICATOR drying out. Simply fasten the lids to the APPLICATOR straight after use while still moist and it will be ready for use at a later time. The APPLICATOR is easy to clean by either rinsing clean water through it until no more color can be seen coming out, or leave to soak in clean water  

ACRYLIC Tip Set 10mm Applicator x 3
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